A clip from our last show together.


“Jeff disappeared last Friday after complaining about a migraine at the end of his livestream. He had another livestream scheduled that he never showed up for, which was highly out of character for him. One of the things Jeff valued the most was his privacy and anonymity, so trying to find a man who has diligently worked not to be found made it difficult to figure out what happened. With some help, on Christmas Eve I was able to track down a longtime friend of Jeff’s who immediately drove to his house, finding the lights on, car in the garage, and doors locked. The friend then called the police, and they entered Jeff’s home, where they discovered he’d passed. There were no signs of foul play; Jeff’s friend suspected his death was due to a preexisting medical condition related to his migraines.

This is a great loss. Jeff’s work was prolific, and his efforts woke up so many people. I can’t believe he’s gone. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

It would be great if we could combine efforts in the near future to honor Jeff’s life and work. We can discuss the details of this in the coming days.”