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If You Eat Food You Don’t Want To Miss This!

Please Stop the Ride to a Biotech Food Takeover

Could cell-free biomanufacturing unlock a new generation of rare HMOs for infant formula?

Chr. Hansen gets safety nod for 2’-FL HMO in Australia and NZ

GeneChem builds a commercial-scale factory to meet demand for sialyllactose

Abbott Launches the First Infant Formula in Canada with an Ingredient Identical in Structure to Immune Component Found in Breast Milk

3 things you need to know about 2′-FL, the newest ingredient in baby formula milk

Synthesizing mothers’ milk

Conagen Wins SynBioBeta Award for Non-GMO Human Milk Oligosaccharide and Human Lactoferrin

A Next-Generation Infant Formula – The Closest To Mother’s Milk Yet – Made With Biology

Horizons Ventures Leads Infant Probiotic Maker Evolve BioSystems to $9m Series A

Israeli Bio-FoodTech Company Wilk Announces Technological Breakthrough: Human Lactoferrin Proteins Successfully Produced in Laboratory Setting


Improving infant formula with synthetic biology

Conagen develops non-GMO version of HMOs for infant formula: ‘Our new process is much more efficient’

Built With Biology 2022 Event Presentation | Casey Lippmeier, PhD, Vice President, Innovation

Ingredients made via synthetic biology won’t qualify for Non-GMO Project verified stamp

Conagen Next Generation Nutrition

Militant recycling: US Department of Defense partners with Conagen on fermentation tech

DARPA ReSource

What Keeps Me Up At Night

Conagen’s Fermentation Technology To Support DARPA’s ReSource Sustainability Program


Addressing the Infant Formula Shortage

How designing brand-new enzymes could change the world | Adam Garske – TED

Natural Infant Formula On The Horizon: How To Copy What Nature Put In Mother’s Milk

Ginkgo Enzyme Services

Ginkgo Bioworks Launches Ginkgo Enzyme Services, Enabling Applications across Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics, Food and Agriculture, and Beyond

Ginkgo Bioworks Partners With Merck on Biocatalysts

Enzyme makers Novozymes and Chr. Hansen to merge

CRISPRing the microbiome is just around the corner

“HMObiotics”:H&H deepens research on specific HMOs, probiotic pairings for health benefits

Evivo Health

Welcome to the world of Chr. Hansen – 2021

Novel infant-derived probiotic shows promise against malnutrition

Breakthrough discovery in infant gut microbiome

Evolve BioSystems


Infinant Health

Evolve BioSystems gets $55 million investment led by Cargill

Motherly – I’m a chemical engineer creating the first formula that mirrors breastmilk

Project Breast Milk Needs Your Help to Create the Future of Formula

NAMUH – Project Breast Milk

Sugarlogix Announces Relaunch as NAMUH

Infant formula… The next generation? Sugarlogix deploys microbial fermentation to grow sugars found in human breast milk

Cell-Based Dairy Products

‘Mammal-free milk’ startup TurtleTree Labs raises $6.2m pre-Series A funding

After patent win Wilk on track to produce Animal-Free cultured milk and breast milk

NEOLIFE – Hacking Mothers Milk

Organic Infant Formula Startup Bobbie Raises $50 Million


Sister-and-brother Penn grads open ByHeart baby formula plant in Reading, feeding acute U.S. shortage


ByHeart Issues Voluntary Recall


Meet the Female Founder: Helaina’s Laura Katz on scaling its breastmilk alternative


Anti-allergy and immunity with HMOs: Nestle China launches new infant formulas via CBEC

China authority seeks public consultation on use of HMO 2’-FL in infant formula

De Novo Dairy

De Novo Dairy: Meet Africa’s first precision fermentation player making human milk proteins for infant nutrition

Perfect Day Foods


Maolac pours new funding into superfood mimicking breast milk health benefits

Persephone Biosciences Announces First Participant Enrolled in Proprietary My Baby Biome Study of Infant Gut Health

Persephone puts poop to work to explore and heal your gut microbiome


iGEM 2021: Giant Jamboree – Aftermovie

Goats Grazing in 4k UHD

Don’t Be Their Guinea Pig!